Swap V1 End: on  16 June 2021 at 20:00 GMT+7/13:00 UTC

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Lottery Box
All foxy trainer who had FoxyNFT have a chance to win the lottery box
FoxyNFT Box

How To Play?

FoxyNFT(BEP721) is an experimental NFT Game on the BSC network where players can interract with NFTs, feed them or find dying NFT's to kill for exp rewards.
  • Adopt a New FNFT with 100 Foxy
  • Feed them to level up and keep your FNFTs alive. You can use Foxy or any other token in the feed list.
  • You can claim your reward once every 24 hrs. The amount of Foxy received depends on your FNFT's level.
  • If you don't feed your FNFTs they will get sick and other players can kill them using the "Hunter" tab on the site
  • Killing FNFTs will reward the killer 50% Exp from the FNFT they just killed and it will be given to their desired FNFT.
  • All Trainer join battle royal your pet without shield can attack by other trainer and if your pet lose in battle royal with HP:0 you can't claim daily reward and feed them you need heal them,
  • FNFTs have 4 types of intelligence and 4 sub raritty
    intelligence: Crazy, Normal,Smart and Genius
    Sub Rarity: Common,Rare,Epic and Legendary,Intelligence and Sub Rarity has an impact on the FNFT Reward,HP and ATK Genius Ledgendary FNFTs giving the most rewards.      

Burnt and Lottery Reward

  • 80% Foxy from adopting pets and feeding them will be burned
  • 10% from it will be allocated to Lottery Box Reward
  • 10% (the rest) will be allocated to the Foxy Master (Marketing purpose)
  • 100% from heal and shield cost will be burned